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Recruiting and developing young people is a great way to develop a more dynamic and productive workforce and can help tackle issues such as an ageing workforce, skills gaps and shortages, talent development, succession planning and customer insight. Investors in Young People (IIYP) is designed to help employers meet their business goals by harnessing the creativity and skills of young people.

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75% of employers surveyed said that IIYP helped them recruit and retain young people.
The IIYP Framework IIYP is a good practice framework that supports organisations looking to recruit, retain and develop young people, and offer recognition for those that are already doing this. It focuses on three key elements:
Stages Organisations are measured against a three-stage scale progressing from the first stage Understood where principles and practices are in place, through to Embedded and then to Lived where the management of young people is fully integrated with other business practices.

Award Levels Accreditation can be gained at Standard, Silver or Gold levels measured against Understood, Embedded, and Lived levels.

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